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How to Fix Norton Security Error Code 3048 3

Norton Security is a top-grade computer and cyber security software that gives users real-time malware protection and performance tuning tools. To protect your system from cyber threats you need, make sure your Norton security software is free from error and is running smoothly. This article will give you an overview of how to solve Norton Security Error Code 3048 3 so that you can keep your computer safe from online threats. Apart from the solutions mentioned below, you can also call Norton contact number and speak to a software technician to review the security settings on your account and fix any errors that may come up.  Solutions to fix Norton Security Error Code 3048 3 Norton Error Code 3048 3 is generally caused when the software finds it difficult to connect to the Symantec Live Update servers. You can use the solutions mentioned below to troubleshoot the error.  Solution 1: Run Norton Live Update The Live Update utility tool helps Norton users download the lates