How to Fix Norton Ghost Error 10030

Norton Ghost Error 10030 occurs when a user tries to join the Ghost Cast Server manually with the help of a boot disk on a client’s system. Sometimes a ghost console task also produces the error. It indicates a miscommunication issue between the Ghost client computer and the Ghost Console computer. To resolve this particular error, it requires complex troubleshooting methods. If you are not a technical geek, it is advised to take professional assistance from the Norton help number. For manual troubleshooting, take a look at the steps shared below.

Solutions to fix the Ghost Error 10030

This error is caused due to a variety of reasons, and it is not possible to correct it using one single solution. You should implement all of the troubleshooting solutions shared below.

Number 1. It is required for the GhostCast Server to have UDP ports 6666 and 7777 and they should be open in the firewall or Norton Antivirus software.

You can create a command using netsat and see whether the ports are open or not.

Number 2. It is essential to ensure that a router is not blocking any multicast traffic.

When trying to join the Ghost cast server session with the help of a Ghost Boot Desk, you can supply the IP address of the client to the server. If even after that, the error exists, then there is a multicast configuration issue.
You must select Unicast, rather than multicast if the router does not support the latter one. Also, verify the IGMP settings on the router.

Number 3. Check whether any third-party program is blocking the Ghost communication.

If you find that the third program has any exclusion list, then you can resolve the problem by adding the extension Ghostsrv.exe at the end. The antivirus software must be configured for the Ghost to communicate. Disabling the firewall or antivirus software may not help in this regard.

Number 4. By updating the network adapter driver.

If there is any connectivity issue in the network adapter driver, it may lead to this problem. You should update the settings to get rid of the error.

Number 5. Removing the Ghost Console and Ghost Client from the domain and thereby adding them to the same workgroup.

Once you perform the given a suggestion and if this fixes the error that there was a Group Policy Object that was causing the error.

If even after going through all the given steps, you are still not able to resolve the connection issue that you can avoid using Ghostcast by directly connecting the image source to a target machine. This error does sound a little complicated. So why not dial the Norton tech support number and have a word with the techies where they will simplify the solution for you.  

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